Ellington Surge Protector 6-Socket



Our Surge-Protector Extension Socket 6 Way Ellington has 3m power cord length, recoverable overload protection and general indicator switch, it passes the electrical current along the outlet to number of the devices plugged into the power strip. If the voltage happens to rise above the acceptable level, the protector will divert the extra electricity into the outlets grounding wire.

Technical Specifications of Surge-Protector Extension Socket 6 Way Ellington

Colour : White

Length: 48.5mm/1.9inches

Weight: 0.5 kg

Dimensions: 0.53 × 0.15 × 35 cm

Thickness: 3.5mm/0.14inches

Rated Voltage: 250V

Current Rating: 10A Max

Rated Power: 2500W

Main Material: High flame-retardant Pc alloy shell with Inner Copper core 0.77mm2